Together with our friends we are introducing tea as a beverage containing many interesting informations about our ancestors, their culture, habits, ethics, etiquette, gastronomy, agriculture and spiritual essence by different nations on the Earth. Our goal is to organize, support and map the tea culture not only in the Czech Republic, but all around the European and world journeys. If you have the same intention, contact Cajomir.

Jaromír Čajomír Horák

Director and the soul of Cajomir

Jaromir is devoted to tea since 2002. "My goal is to introduce the colourful world of tea for common and professional public. The character of Cajomir, as a super hero, is a great help in my work."

Jiří Maryško

Creator of Cajomir character and the entire graphics

Today already and actor of Vinohrady theatre, but also a great drawer, graphic artist who was present in 2009 at the first thought about tea festival and association supporting tea culture in the Czech Republic. He created the main visual form of Cajomir. He created an animated character of a super hero and all the graphics, that accompanies all the events of the association. Later, his work was broaden by graphic artist Simon Kubec in the further Cajomir events.

Jaroslav Dušek

Godfather of Cajomir Association and creator of the name Cajomir

Jarda supports the Cajomir association since is beginning. It is not a surprise that he was the one first pronouncing the name Cajomir, when Jaromir Horak was preparing a cup of tea for him, at that time a stage-technician in Archa Theater in 2001. We thank yo Jarda for his support.

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